Research Trainee | Kennedy Krieger Institute | Department of Neuropsychology

The Department of Neuropsychology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute is accepting applications for undergraduate research trainees for winter, spring, and summer 2018. Undergraduate research trainees within the Department of Neuropsychology are involved in many aspects of human subjects research, including recruitment, data collection, data management & analysis, and preparation of publications and presentations. Ongoing research projects in the Department focus on children with ADHD and learning disabilities, as well as those with genetic and medical conditions. Eligible applicants will have an understanding of basic research design and statistical issues, as well as an interest in psychology and strong interpersonal skills. Successful applicants will be available 2+ days per week over the course of two semesters. We ask for availability of approximately 10 hours per week, with the possibility of obtaining research course credits.

For more information or to apply for the program, please visit our website at: