Research Manager | Penn’s Positive Psychology Center | Philadelphia, PA

The School of Arts and Sciences seeks a Research Manager to join an exciting new project on ‘The Humanities and Human Flourishing: A Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration for Understanding, Assessing, and Cultivating Well-Being.’ The aim of this three-year project is to identify and assess the mechanisms through which the humanities influence physical, psychological, and normative aspects of human flourishing. The project will be a collaborative effort among teams of scholars across a range of disciplines in the humanities, as well as social scientists who will use both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Our project team will consist of highly dedicated individuals bringing a unique set of strengths to the group to support the creation and application of new knowledge in the arts, humanities, and human flourishing. The position is located in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Work at the Center focuses on the scientific study of the factors that enable individuals and communities to thrive, as well as on the broad dissemination and responsible application of this research. The Research Manager will join a team of researchers investigating connections between well-being and the arts and humanities. This individual will have outstanding organizational and social skills and will manage the various research-oriented projects of the grant, including the development of a toolkit of measures for assessing the well-being effects of the arts and humanities, the preparation of a handbook bringing together relevant research, and the writing of research papers. Additionally, the Project Manager will write and upload content to the project website, recruit and supervise part-time student workers, write progress reports, and work closely with the Project Manager. Duties include: Take the lead in managing a series of research projects which will be undertaken by the Project Director, Project Co-Director and three Post-docs, and which will culminate in a toolkit of instruments for assessing the well-being effects of the humanities; write and submit IRB requests, liaise with research team, oversee participants, record and secure confidential data Manage dozens of leading researchers in the creation of a handbook that will be written over the course of the grant, including editing and providing comments on the book chapters, establishing a timetable for deliverables, and providing support for and timely communication with each of the authors Liaise with the publisher of the handbook, including writing book proposal, approving contracts, and preparing manuscripts for publication (making sure documents are in the correct style, checking references, creating an index, and the like) Manage the writing of research papers, including editing and providing comments on drafts, establishing timelines, and providing support for and timely communication with each of the authors Take notes to create written conference proceedings for a series of eleven conferences for leading scholars, and provide support for on-site conference logistics coordination, including liaising with visiting scholars, project team, and venue staff Write and upload content to website; upload toolkit to website Recruit, interview, hire, supervise, and mentor part-time student workers Write progress reports to be submitted to funders, and write grant proposals to seek further funding *Perform additional duties as assigned Interviews will be conducted until the position is filled, with an expected start date in the Spring or Summer of 2017. Along with the online application, each applicant must include a cover letter, resume, and names and contact information for three references.

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