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Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Yassa Lab

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How to contact us:

You can write to us at:
Yassa Laboratory
3400 N. Charles St
Ames Hall 122
Baltimore MD 21218


(410) 516-3813


Directions to the behavioral testing lab (Ames 146):

Here are directions to the main Homewood campus and parking garage.

From the parking garage (Mason hall) cross the Decker quad (campus map) to Garland hall. Pass to the right of Garland Hall to Ames hall (building 26 on the map). We are on the first floor of Ames Hall. There is a disabled entrance on the ground floor accesible from the lower quad level. You can take the elevator to the first floor. Make a right turn as you exit the elevator and follow the hallway to Rm 146.

Directions to the MRI scanner (Kennedy Krieger Institute at JH Medical Institutions):

Here are directions to the medical campus. If you are an MRI participant, please bring your confirmation letter with you and show it to the valet in order to receive free valet parking.

Kennedy Krieger Institute is located at the intersection of North Broadway and East Monument streets. Here's a campus map.

You can also take a free shuttle from Homewood campus.

Once you enter KKI, you must receive a visitor badge from the main office. You can let the security officer know you're here for an MRI scan and you'd like to be escorted to the scanner. The officer will call the scanner and someone will come out to get you. Alternatively, you may walk to the left of the security desk and go down the long hallway to the F.M. Kirby Functional Imaging Research Center. Please ring the doorbell as the door remains locked at all times.

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