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Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

The Attention & Cognition Lab

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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University Attention & Cognition Lab:

At the The Attention & Cognition Lab we are interested in all aspects of visual perception, attention, working memory, and cognition. 

Our primary focus is on understanding how visual information is used by, and sometimes limits, thoughts and behaviors.  Among the many things that we study, we spend a lot of time thinking about object tracking and how it works.  We see tracking as a potential case study in the ways that visual representations both supply the raw materials for goal-oriented behaviors, while at the same time placing inherent constraints on those behaviors.

The Attention & Cognition Lab is part of the Johns Hopkins Vision Sciences Group, and we work in collaboration with many of the nearby labs, especially Justin Halberda's Vision & Cognition Lab.  To learn more about what we do, check out some of our recent papers and demos.  And feel free to get in touch if you are interested in joining us!


Lab News

  • (Feb. 2012). Congratulations to Zheng Ma, who won an Elsevier Travel Award for the 2013 meeting of the Vision Sciences Society!
  • (Dec. 2012) Congratualtions to Jorge Menendez, who won a Deans's Undegraduate Research Award to explore the nature of configural representations in spatial working memory. Kudos!

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