Undergraduate Student Groups

Psi Chi Honor Society

Visit the JHU Chapter of the Psi Chi Honor Society’s website.

Undergraduate Steering Committee (USC)

The USC meets monthly to discuss issues or concerns regarding the experience as an undergraduate psychology major. Undergraduate psychology majors should contact the representative for their respective year to suggest possible agenda items.

Steering Committee Members


Neha Kulkarni, Class of 2017

Senior Representatives

Sarah Seto, Class of 2017
Katerina Rice, Class of 2017

Junior Representatives

Peyton Blackstock, Class of 2018
Dikachi Osaji, Class of 2018
Jack Valenti, Class of 2018

Sophomore Representatives

Katherine Carosella, Class of 2019
Brenda Quesada, Class of 2019

Psi Chi President

Harry Burke, Class of 2017

Faculty and Staff Advisers

Dr. Stephen Drigotas, Director of Advising and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Justin Halberda, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Alison Papadakis, Director of Clinical Psychological Studies
TBD, Academic Program Coordinator

Psychology Mentor Program

Psychology maintains a student-run mentor program, enabling majors and minors to support each other throughout their shared study of psychology. Upperclassmen mentors are paired with freshmen and sophomore mentees to share their experiences and advice in areas such as course selection, research and internship opportunities, and tips for success in the psychology major/minor.


Jack Valenti, Class of 2018