Membership in Psi Chi is a lifelong connection to an established professional organization. Psi Chi has special research grants and opportunities for publication that only members may receive. Also, membership looks great on a resumé or grad school application!

Interested in joining Psi Chi?

Undergraduates applicants to Psi Chi must:

  • Be at least a second semester sophomore
  • Major or minor in a program psychological in nature
  • Have completed at least 9 semester hours or 14 quarter hours of psychology courses
  • Have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of their class based on rankings within sophomore, within junior, and within senior classes
  • Have a psychology GPA that is at least 3.00

Important Information Regarding Membership

You do not need to contact Psi Chi to be considered for application. Eligible applicants are communicated to Psi Chi via the registrar. If you are eligible, you will receive an email with additional details and an invitation to join. It is unnecessary to make inquiries to be considered. Invitations to join are sent once a year during the spring semester.

Application Form

Membership Application
Chapter fee: $45, National membership fee: $55
Total due: $100