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  • Research Assistant | Fralin Biomedical Research Institute | Roanoke, VA

    Posted: April 14, 2020

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    Description: A full-time research assistant (lab manager) is sought for the labs of Dr. Pearl Chiu, Dr. Brooks
    King-Casas, and Dr. Stephen LaConte at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion (http://research.vtc.vt.edu). Projects in the labs combine methods from experimental and clinical psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics with functional neuroimaging to investigate decision-making in healthy and clinical populations (current projects have a focus on borderline personality disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, substance-use disorders, at-risk youth, and traumatic brain injury). The research assistant will be responsible for recruiting and assessing research participants, implementing all aspects of study protocols, and maintaining positive communication with research participants and collaborators. Data collection involves various modalities including: behavior, fMRI, clinical interviews, genetic samples. Additional duties include managing participant databases, organizing project funds, and preparing and tracking IRB protocols. The research assistant is an essential member of the group and will be generally responsible for having overall knowledge of all lab projects and managing day-to-day logistics of the lab. Training will be provided for all aspects of the position. For motivated individuals, there are many opportunities to be involved with data analysis. This is an excellent position for candidates interested in graduate school in cognitive or clinical psychology, neuroscience, and related fields. Preference will be given to candidates who are willing to make a two-year commitment.

    Minimum requirements include: 1) BA/BS in psychology, neuroscience, biology, or related field; 2) two years of research experience; 3) ability to work both independently and as part of a team; 4) demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail; 5) demonstrated ability and desire to succeed in a fast-paced research environment with multiple concurrent duties; 6) excellent written and oral communication skills; 7) proficiency with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or equivalent.

    Other information: MA/MS candidates with clinical (clinical psychology, psychiatry) training will be considered; salary will be commensurate with experience. Candidates with data analysis and/or computer programming experience will be considered favorably.

    Required application materials: Cover letter including statement of interest, CV/Resume, list of references. Two letters of recommendation will be required prior to final consideration. Consideration of applications will begin April 8, 2020, and will end when the position is filled. Expected start date is as soon as possible. Please apply at: http://careers.pageuppeople.com/968/cw/en-us/job/513291/research-asstlabmanager

    The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and is committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Clinical Research Assistant | Dartmouth College | Lebanon, NH

    Posted: March 3, 2020

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    The Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH: http://www.c4tbh.org/) at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth currently has two new Research Assistant positions open to assist Dr. Catherine Stanger on projects focused on digital and web-based interventions for health behavior among young adults and adolescents. The Research Assistants will work on an NIH funded randomized trial of an intervention to improve health behavior among young adults with type 1 diabetes. In addition to other research responsibilities, Research Assistants will serve as health coaches, gaining skills in motivational interviewing and problem-solving training. Research staff will benefit from the rich academic environment of the CTBH. This position provides excellent experience for persons seeking to build skills necessary for conducting clinical research, and for those planning to apply to graduate school. Opportunities will be provided to work with senior investigators and postdoctoral fellows on data analyses, manuscript preparation, and research presentations. Requirements include one year of experience in research with human subjects, Bachelor’s degree in a human service field preferably in psychology, human biology, neuroscience, or related fields and experience with Redcap and other database, data management, or statistics software is highly desirable. A 2-year commitment to the position is preferred. The successful candidate will be enthusiastic, responsible, able to work independently, and have strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as meticulous attention to detail. Anticipated start date: April 1, 2020 or later. Please email resume/CV to Dr. Stanger (catherine.stanger@dartmouth.edu) to apply.

  • Fellowship in Autism Clinical Research | Yale University | New Haven, CT

    Posted: January 2, 2020

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    The Yale Child Study Center is a leading institution in autism research.  Fellows will have the opportunity to shadow weekly developmental disability clinic rounds, attend Child Study Center Grand Rounds, as well as other departmental Grand Rounds lectures in the School of Medicine. The fellowship is up to two years in duration, with the second year being conditional on progress made in the first year. Research training encompasses learning to lead and coordinate multiple pharmaceutical clinical trials involving children and adults living with autism Clinical training will include training on assessments used in autism evaluation and observation of clinical evaluation through the Developmental Disabilities Clinic. They will be directly involved in communication with parents regarding patient treatment. Fellows are encouraged to develop and implement creative in-person events and will co-facilitate activities. Selected applicants will be expected to present results of their own work related to autism research. Successful candidates will have a high degree of initiative and independence with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. They must have the ability to work effectively with many types of people across different settings while juggling multiple tasks. Flexibility, endurance, and attention to detail are also essential qualities. Fellows starting salary will be $35,700/year. Eligible candidates are college graduates who will have obtained a bachelor’s degree by June 2020. For more specific questions, interested applicants should contact Jane Jurayj (jane.jurayj@yale.edu), Annie Fanta (anne.fanta@yale.edu) or Hope Koene (hope.koene@yale.edu) Electronic submissions are preferable when possible and should be emailed to Jane Jurayi, Annie Fanta and Hope Koene. A complete application includes 1 copy of each of the following items: resume or CV, transcript, a 2-page personal statement containing biographic material, relevant experience, and career goals – can be single or double spaced and two letters of recommendations should be emailed to jane.jurayj@yale.edu. The recommender should include the applicants’ full name in the subject line. Interested students should send applications no later than January 31st, 2020. Letters of recommendation should arrive no later than February 7th, 2020.

Research Opportunities

  • Research Assistant | McLean Hospital | Belmont, MA

    Posted: April 14, 2020

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    The Stress Anxiety and Substance Use Lab (PI: R. Kathryn McHugh, PhD) at McLean Hospital is hiring clinical
    research assistants to provide support for NIH-funded trials on pain, stress, and opioid use disorder. Positions will be based at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, in Belmont, MA. Seeking a highly motivated college graduate with prior research experience for a full-time clinical research assistant position. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to contribute to several NIH-funded research projects and to work as part of the multi-disciplinary team in the Division of Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction at McLean Hospital.

    Specific responsibilities include: participant recruitment, follow-up, and assessment; collection and processing of biological specimens (blood, saliva); maintaining and updating data generated by the study; performing literature searches; conducting statistical analysis; contributing to the writing of manuscripts; and administrative tasks. Publication and presentation opportunities will be available. This position offers an excellent opportunity for graduating seniors looking for clinical research experience before applying to graduate school in psychology, the social sciences, or medical school.

    Start date May/June 2020. Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to Dr. McHugh at kmchugh@mclean.harvard.edu.

  • REU Site: Biological Basis of Social Behavior

    Posted: October 10, 2019

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    The theme of this program is using comparative models for understanding animal social behavior.

    The program includes faculty working on diverse taxa (bats, owls, octopuses, primates and rodents) to answer fundamental questions on behavioral biology.  Areas of research include ethology, neurobiology and neuroendocrinology. A unique focus of the program will be an emphasis on the power of using comparative models when tackling scientific questions, from evolutionary to mechanistic.  A main goal of this program is for students to gain highly focused insight through research on specific projects while concurrently placing those activities into the larger context of biological evolution.

    Participants will be mentored by the principal investigator of the lab in which they are placed. A postdoctoral fellow or graduate student in that lab will provide daily supervision and guidance in the research. Social activities and field trips are planned throughout the summer with the JHU Bio REU group.

    Participants will be provided with a stipend and university housing during the program. Funds to assist participants in traveling to and from the program, as well as vaccinations for working with animals are also available.

    The program will take place over a 10-week period beginning in early June. The main components of the program are:

    1. Conducting research in faculty mentor labs full time culminating in a presentation at a university-wide research symposium at the end of the program.
    2. An in depth Scientific Foundations Course  that includes Animal Welfare and Research Ethics, How to Search the Literature, Experimental Design, Statistics, Scientific Writing, Oral Scientific Presentations, Poster Design and Big Topic Discussions on behavior, evolution and neuroscience.
    3. Professional development including GRE preparation, curriculum vitae writing, grad school application preparation and a networking workshop.