Many faculty have made lasting impacts in the the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences since it was founded in 1883. We honor their contributions here.

  • Mary Ainsworth
  • Richard Allen, Associate Professor; School of Medicine, Neurology. Research interests: Clinical and medical psychology
  • Alphonse Chapanis
  • James Deese
  • Clinton DeSoto
  • David Edwin. Research interests: Clinical and medical psychology
  • Wendell Garner
Bert Green

Bert Green, Professor Emeritus

Research interests: psychometrics and the development of computerized adaptive testing methods

Stewart Hulse

Stewart Hulse, PBS professor and former chair

Research interests: experimental psychology trained in the field of animal learning

Peter Jusczyk

Peter Jusczyk, Professor

Research interests: study of infant language perception and speech development

  • James Meyer
  • David S. Olton, Professor
  • G. Wilson Shaffer, Professor Emeritus
  • Julian Stanley, Professor
  • Warren Torgerson, Professor Emeritus. Research interests: Psychological measurement
Steve Yantis

Steve Yantis, Professor

Research interests: Cognitive neuroscience, human visual perception and attention