In Memoriam

Many faculty have made lasting impacts in the the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences since it was founded in 1883. We honor their contributions here.

Mary Ainsworth

Richard Allen, Associate Professor; School of Medicine, Neurology

Research interests: Clinical and medical psychology

Alphonse Chapanis

James Deese

Clinton DeSoto

David Edwin

Research interests: Clinical and medical psychology

Wendell Garner

Bert Green

Bert Green, Professor Emeritus

Research interests: psychometrics and the development of computerized adaptive testing methods

Stewart Hulse

Stewart Hulse, PBS professor and former chair

Research interests: experimental psychology trained in the field of animal learning

Peter Jusczyk

Peter Jusczyk, Professor

Research interests: study of infant language perception and speech development

James Meyer

David S. Olton, Professor

G. Wilson Shaffer, Professor Emeritus

Julian Stanley, Professor

Warren Torgerson, Professor Emeritus

Research interests: Psychological measurement

Steve Yantis

Steve Yantis, Professor

Research interests: Cognitive neuroscience, human visual perception and attention