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Rats in augmented reality help show how the brain determines location

Before the age of GPS, humans had to orient themselves without on-screen arrows pointing down an exact street, but rather, by memorizing landmarks and using learned relationships among time, speed, and distance. They had to know, for instance, that 10 minutes of brisk walking might equate to half a mile traveled.

Study defines differences among brain neurons that coincide with psychiatric conditions

Previous studies of key brain cells have found little variability in a common cell process that involves how genetic information is read and acted on. The process, called epigenetics, involves chemical or structural “tweaks” to gene activity that don’t affect the underlying genetic code itself, but do affect when and how a gene becomes available […]

Owl Study Offers Clues to Human Attention

By studying barn owls, scientists at Johns Hopkins University believe they’ve taken an important step toward solving the long-standing mystery of how the brain chooses what most deserves attention. The finding, authored by assistant professor Shreesh Mysore and published today in the journal Neuron, likely applies to all animals, including humans, and offers new insight […]

Positive Psychology & The Science of Happiness

As part of orientation for incoming first-year students, Professor Justin Halberda discussed how positive psychology can help us become happier, healthier, and closer to our ideal selves. Read more on The Hub.

Crash Course in Psychology courses for Spring 2019

Please join us for the Crash Course in Psychology Courses for spring 2019! Where: Hodson Hall, Second Floor Lobby When: Thursday, November 1 from 5:30-7:00 pm Hosted by the Psychology Undergraduate Steering Committee Join us on Thursday, November 1 in Hodson Hall, second floor lobby from 5:30-7:00 pm for pizza & casual conversation as Psychology […]

Michela Gallagher receives Goodes Prize for Alzheimer’s research

The $150,000 prize will support Gallagher’s development of a therapeutic treatment for hyperactivity in the hippocampus. Michela Gallagher, whose lifetime of research in cognitive neuroscience has focused on age-related cognitive decline, has been awarded the 2018 Melvin R. Goodes Prize for Excellence in Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery. The prize, awarded by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, […]

2018 Excellence In Research And Teaching Awards!

Congratulations to our 2018 Award Recipients: Brittney Boublil ~ Walter L. Clark Teaching Award Michelle DiBartolo ~ Walter L. Clark Service Award Kurt Fraser and Vyash Puliyadi ~ Robert S. Waldrop Jr. Investigators Award Jinjing Wang and Michaela Warnecke ~ G. Stanley Hall Scholar’s Award Shipra Kanjilia ~ Mary D. Ainsworth Award Corbin Cunningham ~ […]

Psychology Welcome Event: Brain Freeze!

Please join us from 2-4 p.m. on Friday, August 24 at the President’s Garden for a little flavor and fun at our annual PBS Welcome event, as we kick off the new academic year. Advisors and labs will be present to introduce new students and affiliates. The Kona Ice Snowball truck will be serving our […]

Fall 2018 Crash Course in Psych Courses

Still deciding which courses to take in the Fall? Want to know more about the rigor and content BEFORE you enroll? Join us on Tuesday, April 3rd for pizza & casual conversation as Psychology majors and minors share their hints, impressions & secrets to success in the psychology courses they’ve already taken! This is a […]