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First NameLast NameLabResearch ProjectGraduation Date
CaitlinCorona-LongGallagher/BakkerAmyloid, Tau, and Neurodegeneration: Isolating Preclinical Targets of AD2024 Summer
MakaelaNartkerFirestone/EgethWhat do the inattentionally blind see? A signal detection approach to visual awareness2024 Spring
VyashPuliyadiKnierimNeural Representations of Landmarks and Goals in the Hippocampal Formation2024 Spring
Yun-FeiLiuBednyNeural Recycling for Programming: Exploring the Cognitive and Neural Substrates of a Culturally-Invented Symbol System2024 Spring
AlexMitkoFischerInsight Into the Mental Machinery of Intuitive Physics Through Individual Differences2023 Summer
ZekunSunFirestoneCognitive Consequences of Visual Complexity2023 Spring
ShimaRahimi MoghaddamHoneyCosts and Benefits of Integrating Information Sequences2023 Spring
EmilySanfordHalberdaExploring the Limits of Approximate Number Perception2022 Summer
ChenxiaoGuanFirestoneThe Perception of Possibility2022 Summer
TaraGhaziCourtneyOn the Representation of Spatial and Temporal Structures: Effects in Human Visuospatial Working Memory2022 Spring
GarimaShahMysore/AdwanikarRepresentation of Anxiety-like States by Prefrontal Neuronal Ensembles2022 Fall
QianYuHalberdaThe Representation of Visual Working Memory: Where, What and How2022 Fall
Shanmukha AdityaUpadhyayulaFlombaumVisual Time2021 Summer
Hsiang Yun SherryChienHoneyNeural and Computational Principles of Real-World Sequence Processing2021 Summer
TabithaKimJanakEncoding and Enhancement of the Motivation to Consume Alcohol by the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala2021 Summer
JasminPerezFeigensonCognitive Consequences of Surprise and Explanation-Seeking
in Early Development
2021 Summer
Chao IvenYuMossSonar-Guided Navigation and Hippocampal Encoding in the Echolocating Bat2021 Summer
KurtFraserJanakSetting the Occasion for Reward-Seeking in Brain and Behavior2021 Spring
You-PingYangStuphornPrimate Anterior Insular Cortex Represents Economic Decision Variables Postulated by Prospect Theory2021 Spring
KevinHimbergerHoneyReconsidering Visual Statistical Learning:
Effects of Attention, Assessment, and Associability
2021 Spring
SeahChangEgethTwo Mechanisms of Attention:
How Enhancement and Suppression Contribute to Visual Selection
2021 Spring
BrittneyBoublilMossMechanosensory Feedback for Flight Control and Prey Capture in the Echolocating Bat2021 Fall
HannahSchryverMysoreFunctional Properties of Inhibitory Neurons in the Avian Midbrain Attention Network2021 Fall
SarahCormieaFischerInteractions with Language in Human Olfactory Perception2021 Fall
JudyKimBedny"Visual" knowledge in the absence of visual experience2020 Summer
GiuliaElliBednyI see what you mean: The role of sensory experience in shaping the cognitive and neural basis of concepts2020 Spring
JulianaPopovitzMysoreMultidimensional Approach to Investigating Neural Mechanisms of Anxiety Outcomes Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice2020 Spring
LiGuoFischerThe interaction of intuitive physics with attention and perception2020 Fall
TeJonesMossEnvironmental Clutter Elicits Behavioral Adaptations During Natural Behaviors in Echolocating Bats2020 Fall
MichelleDiBartoloCourtney“Can't Let it Go”: The Persistence of Cue-Driven Reward-Seeking Despite Goal-Related Consequences2019 Fall
TammyTranGallagherThe Influence of Objects-in-Context in the Lateral and Medial Entorhinal Cortex2019 Fall
CorbinCunninghamEgethThe Dark Side of Attention: Inhibition of Distractor Information Facilitates Attention2018 Summer
Jinjing (Jenny)WangFeigensonNumerical Approximation in Early Development: Effects of Experience on a Core Cognitive System2018 Summer
Michaela (Ela) WarneckeMossAdaptations to changes in the acoustic scene of the echolocating bat2018 Summer
FeitongYangFlombaumThe Formats of Position Representations in Vision2018 Spring
ShipraKanjliaBednyPreservation and Plasticity in the Neural Basis of Numerical Thinking in Blindness2018 Fall
RitaLoiotileBednyEvidence for Extreme Cortical Flexibility: Higher Cognitive Functions in "Visual" Cortices of Blind Individuals2018 Fall
FelipeSchiffinoHollandPearce-Hall Attention for Learning Parameter: Memory Substrates2017 Spring
MarkSchurginFlombaumFrom Short-Term Tolerance to Long-Term Recognition in Human Visual Memory2017 Spring
NinadKothariMossOrienting in 3D Space: Behavioral and Neurophysiological Studies in Big Brown Bats2017 Fall
StephanieLealYassa/EgethEmotional Modulation of Episodic Memory and Translational Applications to Aging and Depression-Related Cognitive Impairment2016 Summer
Zhe (Kitty)XuYantis/CourtneyThe Neural Basis of Cognitive Control of Movement Inhibition2016 Summer
ZhengMaFlombaumThe Prevalence of Correspondence Computations in Visual Processing2016 Spring
JudithAsemHollandSpatial strategy selection in the submerged T-maze2015 Summer
TashinaGravesEgethThe Role of Learning in Resistance to Capture by Physically Salient Irrelevant Singletons2015 Summer
HragPailianHalberdaCosts of Manipulating Information in Visual Working Memory2015 Summer
Spontaneous and Learned States of Preparatory Attentional Control2015 Summer
AimeeStahlFeigensonThe Role of Surprise in Early Learning2015 Summer
JeffreyMayseGallagherThe Role of the Basal Forebrain in Cognitive Inhibition2015 Spring
BeauAlwardBallAnatomical specificity of the action of testosterone in relation to the regulation of birdsong and the underlying neuroplasticity2015 Fall
OnurIyilikciBallInteractions between the medial preoptic nucleus and mesolimbic reward pathways in the regulation of sociosexual behaviors.2015 Fall
Yi-ShinSheuCourtneyCognitive Control of Abstract Task Rules2015 Fall
Value-driven attentional capture: Exploring the influence of reward history on involuntary attentional selection2014 Summer
DarkoOdicHalberdaObjects and Substances in Vision, Language, and Development2014 Summer
MelvinRouseBallTestosterone Induction of Male Typical Song and Associated Neural Plasticity in Adult Female Canaries and European Starlings2014 Summer
Gi YeulBaeFlombaumCorrespondence Computations in Visual Cognition2014 Spring
XiaomoChenStuphornThe Functional Role of Supplementary Eye Field Underlying Value-based Decision Making2014 Fall
StephenChangHollandThe Neural Basis of Autoshaped Lever Pressing2013 Summer
AmyClements-StephensSheltonCharacterizing Visual-Spatial Processing within a Dorsal/Ventral Framework2013 Spring
AmySpiegel (Stocker)GallagherHippocampal Interneuron Integrity in a Rat Model of Neurocognitive Aging and Voluntary Exercise2013 Spring
Hee YeonImHalberdaAn Exploration of Ensemble Visual Processing through Perception, Attention, and Memory2013 Fall
SarahStamperFortuneMaking Sense: Weakly Electric Fish Modulate Sensory Feedback via Social Behavior and Movement2012 Summer
CarolineMontojoCourtneyRule and Item Information in Working Memory2012 Spring
Selection and representation of multiple items in working memory by infants2011 Summer
JeffreyMoherEgethThe role of explicit inhibition in attention and visual search2011 Summer
TylerStevensonBallThe social and photoperiodic regulation of Gonadotropin Releasing-Hormone-12011 Spring
ArnoldBakkerGallagherThe functional significance of increased hippocampal activity in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease2011 Fall
StevenMarchetteSheltonObject properties and spatial references: variability, cue strength, and selection priorities2011 Fall
HayleyKleitz NelsonBallComparative Approaches to the Study of Dopamine and Male Sexual Motivation: What Can Japanese Quail (Coturnix Japonica) Teach Us?2010 Summer
AdamGreenbergYantisUncertainty as a Guiding Principle in the Strategic Allocation of Attention to Objects2010 Spring
Yu-ChinChiuYantisMoment-by-moment tracking of attentional fluctuation in the human brain2010 Fall
BenjaminTamber-RosenauYantisNeural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control in Short-Term Memory2010 Fall
EzequielGalarceHollandCue-induced Changes in Motivation for Food: The Effect of Cues Associated with Scarce Foods on Food Procurement and Consumption2009 Spring
CarlyLeonardEgethCapacity Limits and the Attentional Blink2009 Spring
Jean-MarieMadduxHollandThe Roles of Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex Subregions in Attention for Action and Attention for Learning2009 Spring
MichaelMcDannaldHollandThe Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms Underlying Conditioned Suppression2009 Spring
MichaelSaddorisGallagherComplementary Roles for Gustatory Cortex and Basolateral Amygdala in the Encoding of Sensory Specific Associative Outcome Representations2009 Spring
JenniferZoshFeigensonBeyond "What" and "How Many":   An Investigation of Working Memory for Objects in Infancy2009 Spring
ToddKelleyYantisLearning to attend: effects of practice on information selection2008 Spring
Yoh YokoOkadoStarkThe reconstruction of true and false memories2008 Spring
CharlesPickensHollandThe role of mediodorsal thalamus in devaluation tasks2008 Spring
SeemaSayalaCourtneyThe effects of working memory practice on information representation2008 Spring
NaohideYamamotoSheltonModality dependence and independence in human spatial memory2008 Spring
BrockKirwanStarkOvercoming interference: pattern separation processes in the medial temporal lobe2007 Spring
MelaniePalomaresEgethNormal and abnormal development of visuospatial integration: a perspective from Williams Syndrome2007 Spring
ChristinaCastelinoBallBehavioral and noradrenergic regulation of context-dependent immediate-early gene (zenk) expression in male zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)2006 Spring
MichaelProulxEgethTop-down and bottom-up processes in visual search2006 Spring
JenniferRothCourtneyControlling the contents of working memory: updating and maintaining items from different sources2006 Spring
JohnSerencesYantisVoluntary and stimulus-driven attentional control in human cortex2006 Spring
KatherineHelmGallagherForebrain regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function: role in aging and neurodegenerative disease2004 Spring
AndrewLeberEgethOn the maintenance and switching of attentional set2004 Spring
TakehikoNakamaYantisAnalysis of Execution Costs for QuickSelect.2004 Spring
JosephSalaCourtneyActive maintenance and the binding of information during working memory2004 Spring
JenniferSartorBallThe role of variation in singing behavior in the regulation of seasonal neuroplasticity in European starlings2004 Spring
SarahShomsteinYantisMultimodal control of selective attention: the role of parietal cortex during attentional shifts2004 Spring
StaciBilboNelsonThe neuroendocrine-immune axis in Siberian hamsters: proximate mechanisms underlying seasonal changes in sickness behavior and immune function2003 Spring
ElizabethJohnsonJusczykWord segmentation during infancy: the role of subphonemic cues to word to boundaries2003 Spring
MelanieSoderstromJusczykThe acquisition of inflection morphology in early perceptual knowledge of syntax2003 Spring
JosephCastoBallDevelopment and hormonal regulation of sex differences in the song system of European starlings: Sturnus vulgaris2002 Spring
DerrickParkhurstNeiburSelective attention in natural vision: using computational models to quantify stimulus-driven attentional allocation2002 Spring
RobertRauschenbergerYantisWhen something old becomes something new: spatiotemporal object continuity and attentional capture2002 Spring
LarenceBeckerEgethAttending over space and objects2001 Spring
DeborahDrazenNelsonNeuroendocrine mechanisms underlying seasonal changes in immune function and energy balance2001 Spring
DeborahDuffyBallEndocrine-immune interactions and the relationship with courtship behavior in European starlings2001 Spring
RuthTincoffJusczykInfants' attention to phonemic and nonphonemic vocalizations and its role in word learning2001 Spring
BarryVaughanYantisGone but not forgotten: characteristics of the occluded scene1998
AnneHillstromYantisRepetition effects in visual search1995
DouglasJohnsonYantisRepresentations and item-specific learning in lexical decision1992
TobyMordkoffYantisA unified model of visual attention1991