Honors and Awards

In additional to general university honors, psychology majors may also earn departmental honors in psychology.

To graduate with honors in the psychology major, you must complete the criteria on the Honors Checklist by April 1 of your senior year, as outlined below. Failure to complete all the criteria on the checklist and submit it for approval by the deadline date means you will not receive honors in your major. You cannot complete the checklist before February 1 of your senior year.

To receive honors in psychology, you must:

  • Earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the courses required for the psychology major
  • Complete the following in your junior year:
    • Submit a 2-page statement of intent to pursue honors research before spring break of your junior year. The statement should include a copy of your transcripts, a brief description of the research topic, and an indication that you have discussed these plans with a member of the full-time Psychological and Brain Sciences faculty. The faculty member must also write a letter in support of your proposed thesis.
    • By the first Monday after Spring Break, submit a full detailed thesis proposal of the research project, to include background research, methods, and a timetable for completion. The faculty of the department will review your honors thesis proposal for approval, and your faculty project supervisor will communicate the final decision to you.
  • Complete two 300- or 600- level psychology courses in addition to those required for the regular BA degree
  • Register for 200.519 (Seniors Honors Research) during your fall and spring semesters of your senior year.

To notify Academic Advising that you are eligible for department honors, you must do the following no later than March of your senior year:

  • Have your psychology adviser and one other full-time faculty member read and approve your paper
  • Make an appointment with Dr. Halberda after that meeting
  • Return all documentation to Academic Advising by April 1.

Departmental Awards

Graduating students who excel in coursework and/or research in the department will be considered for the annual awards made each spring at Commencement. These awards are:

  • Stanley Hall Prize (research excellence) for outstanding achievement by an undergraduate student in psychology. Past recipients have demonstrated excellence in their research endeavors in addition to being ranked within the top 35% of their graduating class.
  • Julian C. Stanley Award (academic excellence) for the undergraduate psychology major who most closely approximates Dr. Stanley’s personal and professional standards of excellence. Past recipients have ranked in the top 35% of their graduating class in addition to being outstanding students of psychology.
  • “COPE” Award from the Perez Family