Psychology majors completing a true Independent Study will register for AS.200.545 / Psychological Readings under their sponsor’s section number to receive a letter grade. In Psychological Readings, students will, under the guidance of a JHU faculty member, pursue a topic of special interest not covered in regular course offerings. Students will initiate this self-directed specialized course of study, with the content and expectations formalized in negotiations between the student and the faculty sponsor.

When registering for Psychological Readings, students must complete an Undergraduate Readings form (available from the Registrar) for signature by your faculty sponsor. The completed and signed form must accompany your registration form, with the green copy returned to your faculty sponsor.

We welcome students with questions regarding psychological readings to contact Dr. Stephen Drigotas, the department’s director of undergraduate advising, for guidance.

Required Documents for Psychological Readings Credit

This academic experience may culminate in a formal paper or report on a topic agreed upon by you and your faculty sponsor. If so, you must include this requirement with the additional documentation submitted to your faculty sponsor items no later than 5:00PM on the last day of Reading Period in the semester during which you are enrolled, as follows:

  1. Formal Paper or Project, as applicable
  2. Students will complete and submit the Summary Report of Independent Work form to the faculty sponsor.
    • The JHU faculty sponsor will complete the “Faculty Supervisor’s Comments” section, assign a letter grade and credit value, sign the form, and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for final grading.
    • The Office of Academic Advising will retain a copy of the Summary Report of Independent Work in the student’s academic file.

Ethics Policy

Johns Hopkins requires that students adhere to the ethics policies of the university and the American Psychological Association.