Jonathan Flombaum

Jonathan Flombaum

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Ames 200A | Lab: Ames 150/142

Research Interests: Visual perception, attention, cognition

Jonathan Flombaum is an Associate Professor whose research focuses on visual perception, attention, and cognition.

Fall 2015 
I'll be teaching 'Thought and Perception' [AS.200.316] with Steven Gross (Philosophy). The course 'Philosophy and Cognitive Science,' listed as [AS.150.476] is same course. We have two course numbers to make it easier for students to receive credit appropriate for their majors. Permission from Dr. Gross or Dr. Flombaum is necessary to enroll. We will post a syllabus as soon as we have one. Here is the class description for Fall 2015:

  • This year's topic: Temporal Experience. Do we perceive time? If so, through what sense(s)? How long is the conscious "now"? Does the temporal order of our perceptions mirror the temporal order of what we perceive? Must the experience of a temporal duration itself be extended in time? What is the relation between the experience of time (for example, the experience of time's passage) and memory? Does our experience of time accurately represent temporal features of reality, or it is actually illusory? How does attending to time's passage affect its perceived rate of passage (and what is it to attend to time's passage)? We will explore these and other questions through an examination of both psychological and philosophical work.