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The Color We See Isn’t the Color We Remember

Though people can distinguish between millions of colors, we have trouble remembering specific shades because our brains tend to store what we've seen as one of just a few basic hues, a team led by Prof. Jonathan Flombaum discovered.

JHU Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

Congratulations to Jonathan Flombaum and Alison Papadakis, for winning the JHU Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Award and Undergraduate Advising Award, respectively!

Bat Biology Could Lead to Better Aircraft

"Until now no one had investigated the sensors on the bat's wing, which allow it to serve as more than a propeller, a flipper, an airplane wing or any simple airfoil," said Cynthia F. Moss, professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. "These findings can inform more broadly how organisms use touch to guide movement."

Going Batty

Professor Cindy Moss talks about how she finds bats for her lab—and why she studies them.